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This system is a natural way to improve the appearance of your skin and reverse the signs of ageing. Scarring, moderate wrinkles, stretch marks, age spots and mild pigmentation can all be successfully treated.

I prepare the skin using advanced skin products then my digital skin pen device designed to achieve a controlled injury to the skin, with no damage, leading to increased production of fresh collagen and elastin. There are 5 speed settings which have 2 main benefits:

1. Less sensation felt / more comfortable

2. More micro channels created optimising the results.

The tiny needles create temporary micro channels into the skin allowing greater absorption of products and ingredients. Deep hydrating, soothing products are applied for dermal layering and protection.

Regular treatments result in firmer, smoother and more youthful skin. The results are incredible.

Also known as collagen stimulation therapy, dry tattooing, as well as micro needling and derma roller.

Refresh - kick start skin repair mechanism to reveal softer, brighter complexion

Refine - great for open pores, refines texture, smooths indented scars, lines and wrinkles

Rebuild - collagen and elastin deposited in the dermis results in plumping and improves skin tone and colour

Revitalise - micro channels improve pathways for improved product absorption

Treatment time approx 60 minutes. Treatment cost : Pen =  £125 per session combine Dermalux or Radiofrequency £150

Dermaplaning is x3 more effective than microdermabrasion & removes 21 days worth of dead skin cells

•uses a sterile surgical blade to remove dead skin and vellus hair

•immediate results, radiant even skin tone & texture leaving a beautiful base for make up

•enhance cheekbones

•Increase cell turnover

•reduce wrinkles

•reduce acne scarring

•removes fine facial hair

•enhanced product absorption

•will not alter your natural hair growth

Treatment time: approx 45 minutes. Treatment cost: £40

Luxury Dermaplaning : 90 minutes ( include steam cleanse, Dermalux LED & Hydratone Masque ) £75

Following the treatment your skin will feel warm with some redness and a sensation similar to sunburn. It is important to treat your skin sensitively and follow the aftercare advise given.