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At Professional Beauty I insist on using only the best products on the market today: Lycon Hot Wax and Perron Rigot The strongest most flexible waxes on the market, which reduces the pain factor by 50%!

This wax has longer lasting results, will prevent hair breakages, ingrown hairs, redness and the associated painful sting.

It is incredibly gentle and effective - removing even the most stubborn hair, while causing very little discomfort and leaving no sticky residue.

Many of my clients have been pleasantly surprised at how little it hurts compared to strip wax, so I mainly use it to wax the more ‘delicate’ areas of the body, however PHD Strip wax is used for the larger areas, such as arms, back and legs.

Facial Therapy

Understanding your skin is the first step towards a lifetime of skin health. We only have one skin and it’s up to us to take care of it. As a Dermalogica and Medik8 professionally trained skin Specialist I prescribe a tailored facial to you following a face mapping skin analysis.

Dermalogica is a product line free of common irritants and ingredients that could cause breakouts (including lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colours and fragrances) that improve skin health, and are only available from qualified skin therapy professionals trained at The International Dermal Institute. Medik8 are also a wonderful UK based professional science led range providing medispa treatment experiences. Clean, sustainably sourced ingredients that target a range of problem skin conditions  including rosacea, acne, advanced ageing, dehydration. 

CACI Ultra Non-Surgical Face Lift:

CACI’s award winning treatments use the very latest pioneering technologies and have been voted the most effective anti-aging treatments available. Tiny electrical impulses firm and tone sagging facial muscles and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. CACI’s exclusive serum filled cotton buds enhance the dramatic tightening effect delivered by the dual tipped treatment probes. Please view the CACI section for more information on treatments available. 


A new level skin therapy using a skin pen device supported with Medik8 to create controlled injury to the skin without damage. Reduces facial scarring e.g. acne scars, pitting, chicken pox. Plumps lines and treats large pores. A fantastic rejuvenating, anti ageing treatment. 

Thermavisage RF8 Radiofrequency

A complete treatment for both face and body. Effective 3 in 1 system; results driven anti-ageing on the face and a cellulite treatment for the body.

The Radio Frequency treatment uses waves which excite the molecular structure within the skin tissues generating heat. This thermal energy stimulates collagen production in the face, tightening and lifting the skin. When used on the body it helps break down fat cells reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Vacuum is also included on the machine- this treatment boosts both the lymph and blood circulatory systems by stimulating the underlying structures. For the face, the increased circulation improves skin texture and increases lymphatic drainage, aiding the removal of toxins. For the body, vacuum treatments help to break down the fatty tissue and cellulite, as well as improving lymphatic and venous circulation whilst toning and improving the appearance of the skin,

ThermaVisage RF8 includes 5 vacuum levels and 4 vacuum modes, allowing the therapist to personalise the treatment for their clients.

In addition, the unit includes Chromatherapy. Used in combination with Radio Frequency and Vacuum, the Chromatherapy treatment stimulates the skin’s cells to facilitate cell change. The inclusion of both red and blue LED lights offers a wide range of benefits. 

Massage and Well-being

A little indulgence does you good - Whether it’s that on-going back ache or pure relaxation you’re after, we can treat your every need enabling the body to relax, the mind to unwind & take you to an overall sense of well-being. 

Massage has been used for centuries to relieve muscle tension and to relax the body and mind. I use a variety of Hot Stone Massage, Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques, selected essential oils, stroking, kneading, pressure and flowing movements over the body to treat and prevent a huge variety of complaints. Working to calm the nervous system it will alleviate stress and anxiety. Stimulate blood and lymph flow to boost your immune system and aid a detox programme, encourage a healthy digestion and best of all pick up poor energy levels.

Hot Stone Massage uses a comination of swedish and deep tissue with the powerful effects of volcanic hot stones. Working deeply into tired, achy muscle all over the body and tension nodules commonly found in the upper back, neck and shoulders. A great detox and highly recommended during the winter months to aid circulation problems.

Hopi Ear Candles are a deeply relaxing, calming and soothing experience. Non-invasive treatment of the ears; it is used to offer calming benefits for many problems and conditions such as sore throats, hay fever, headaches, sinusitis & rhinitis, catarrh and vertigo. The process of ear candling involves a specially designed hollow candle being inserted just inside the ear canal. It is then lit and the gentle chimney affect draws secretion flow, the vapour collects and removes compacted wax, impurities and deposits, also helping to regulate ear pressure. Treatment time includes shoulder, neck, scalp face & eye massage - perfect for hitting those tension spots.

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage works on areas affected by mental and emotional stress.

Indian head massage will soothe away stress and tension, leaving you relaxed, revitalised and re-energised. This is a very popular treatment, perfect for promoting a calm mind, a stress-free body and for maintaining optimum health. Includes the face, upper back, neck, shoulders and scalp. 

Stress Relief Facial

Melt stresses away with a rejuvenating organic facial using aromatherapy... including face, neck and shoulder massage. Hand and arm massage and scalp massage. A real pamper and spa treat for your self or a gift for a loved one.

Eye Enhancements

*A patch test may be required 24 hours prior to treatment.

Eyelash tinting creates stunning definition and lasts for approximately 4-6 weeks. Perfect for those with lack of time or sensitivity to eye make up. Includes a soothing scalp massage while tint develops on the lashes. 

An Eyebrow Tint and/ or Shape frames your face and adds super definition. An instant Eyebrow lift and opens the eyes. ** Top tip **Add a 10 minute mini CACI - A celebrity favourite microcurrent works on the delicate facial muscles to lift, tone and tighten sagging skin, relaxes facial tension while softening lines & wrinkles.

Eyelash Perming is a very popular treatment which curls the lashes and opens the eyes, get rid of those eyelash curlers ... this lasts 4-6 weeks even in exposure to water! 

MyLash Individual Lash Extensions are my tried and tested favourite. The glue contains a type of latex which allows flexibility and longer lasting results. Perfect before your holiday, no smudges, no hassle, gorgeous eyes if you need more width, volume and definition. Will last between 2 weeks and 8 weeks depending on your natural lash and homecare. 

Hands & Feet

Shellac looks & applies like a nail varnish but after 2 minutes under a UV lamp – sets like a gel giving you extended 14-day wear. Shellac is not a form of nail extension but a fantastic way to enjoy bold, lasting colour on a natural nail. It gives an immaculate smooth finish as well as lasting shine which isn’t always achievable with regular nail varnish.

It has ZERO dry time – meaning there’s no need to wait to grab your keys at the end of your service. No nail damage because there are no drills or nail surface filing required. Easy on AND easy off, in just 10 minutes with safe, gentle CND Shellac remover wraps.

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